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Warehousing services at strategic location

We have our own warehouses which are directly connected to our inland container terminal facilities. We can safely store your goods optimally in a protected, secure environment near the port of Antwerp.

We have 120.000m² of warehouses:

  • Short or long term storage
  • Temperature control
  • Loading and unloading from 7 am until 5 pm
  • Semi-automatic Stow® mobile shelf storage system
  • 24-hour security with permanent video surveillance and fire extinguishing system
  • Badge controlled access
  • Warehouses for transit or bonded goods under customs supervision

Contact us if you require additional information.


Your interests

Bonded warehouse

We can store your dutiable goods in one of our bonded warehouses where they are under customs supervision.

Gosselin Logistics has AEO-certified experts in-house who can advise you about the complex domestic and international customs laws.  

household goods

We have a dedicated warehouse for storing household goods. A service we offer to companies, expats and diplomats.

Household goods are stored away in large storage crates that we manufacture in-house.

Picking & handling

We offer value-added activities for your stored goods, such as picking, handling, re-packing, palletizing, wrapping and quality checks.

Contact us and find out how we can handle your stored goods.

Rolling equipment

Excavators, dozers, trucks and the likes are stored safely inside our warehouse for rolling equipment.

We offer both long term and short term storage. This roofed warehouse also offers camera protection.

Consumer goods

We have roofed warehouses for storage of (fast moving) consumer goods. We offer storage facilities of consumable goods for a well-known chain of supermarkets.

These warehouses are automated and integrate seamlessly in our customers' supply chains.

Heavy Equipment

We have a dedicated warehouse with camera protection for heavy equipment and sophisticated production machines.

These machines require careful and precise handling. Special forklifts are being used for tilting heavy weights.

Industrial goods

Industrial goods can take many forms. Light and bulky components, steel coils and oversized construction parts. 

We offer long term and short term storage solutions and develop tailor-made warehouse services by working closely with you.


We have dedicated warehouses for storing vehicles, for long term and short term storage. We offer protection against dust and humidity.

A diversity of agreements is possible, including regular running of the engine and maintenance.