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Trucking services

Road transport is one of the best ways to move cargo throughout Europe and into the Caucasus and Central Asia. With our central location at the Belgian Port of Antwerp, we get your outgoing cargo quickly on its way and provide easy access to shipping for incoming cargo.

Our trucking services are unique because we offer:

  • Much expertise in road transport to Eastern Europe, Russia and the Caucasus
  • Experience in road transport to Central Asia along the silk road
  • Dedicated teams that are passionate about your transport
  • High level service day in day out
  • Low rates and fair prices

Last but not least we can rely on an extensive network of agents and own Gosselin offices accross Europe.

Don't hesitate to contact us and ask a free quote for your transport!



Your interests

Antwerp region

We organize container drayage on a daily basis for various customers to and from the Antwerp port and our inland terminal.

We have a large network of drivers and we can offer you fair prices. A dedicated team of dispatchers is at your service.



Eastern Europe

Having our own offices in Romania, Bulgaria, Hungary, the Czech Republic, Ukraine and Belarus means we are very familiar with the Eastern European region.

Trust on our trucking service to safely deliver your transport in time at the destination of your choice.

Russia & the Caucasus

We have regular FTL and LTL transports to and from various countries such as Russia, Azerbaijan, Armenia and Georgia.

Our experience in customs clearing, Russian language proficiency and practical understanding of these countries guarantee your transport arrives safely in time.


Central Asia

We have transports on a regular basis along the silk road right to the Chinese border: to Kazaksthan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan and Uzbekistan.

Our knowledge of these countries along with the fact we have local offices guarantee your transport to arrive safely and in time.