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  • Smart visibility

  • Predictive Supply Chain

  • PO Management Collaboration

  • Monitoring

To manage your supply chain easily, we offer an online cloud based platform to track your shipments real time. It offers detailed shipment location information with live incident updated and alerts.

Valuable cargo can be tracked using self-powered devices that will detect unattended intrusions and incorrect handling. They will capture position, temperature, humidity, crash and tilt alerts.

  • Track and trace your shipments
  • Web Application
  • Real time  connectivity 24/7
  • Capture transshipments and port changes
  • Pro active exception management by alerts for live incident and near miss events

Predictive Supply Chains are using your visibility and market big data to plan ahead and optimize your flows based on your preferences. Different routings and modes can be used to bring your product from A to Z, all with their own price, transit time and emission. The planning tool will support you in making the right decision.

Our planning tool reacts to intransit changes and improves transport decisions. It is constantly watching, modeling, re-calculating and learning so the predictions it makes and the actions it takes tomorrow are even better than the ones it made yesterday

  • Identify the best routing based on customer priority Price, Transit time, CO2
  • Changes in your SC will drive automatic re-planning for continuous netwerk optimisation
  • Value added API

We offer End to End Supply Chain management on SKU level, fit to your specific needs,  in one single web solution including document sharing and online communication with all Supply Chain parties involved. Starting from PO creation, supplier follow up, consolidation, through receipt and the delivery to final destination it gives you visibility and control from ordering till production till delivery. This control tower will support your planning, execution and monitor your inventory management in one single web tool.

  • Integrate your end-to-end network
  • Track and trace your shipments on PO level
  • Automated document creation and upload
  • Collaboration with all Supply Chain partners
  • Inventory management in one tool
  • Mobile Application

Monitoring your performance with customizable dashboard and KPI’s will give insight of your supply chain strengths and weaknesses.

To understand your SC resilience and risk we create living models of your SC to examine how it will react under different market conditions and assumptions.

To make sure we offer you the best pricing, we have thorough knowledge of the existing market prices and usage of a rate benchmarking tool

  • User friendly and customizable Dashboards and KPI’s
  • Run Scenario’s to understand your Supply Chain risk
  • People


    Team of logistics professionals used to manage complex flows. Focus on high service level for all types of transport.

  • Process


    Consistent Harmonised processes and  Standard Operating Procedures are our main drivers.

  • Technology


    Transformational customizable technology that is scalable, intelligent and fast.