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For all your customs matters

Clearing customs quickly and smoothly is a necessary step for every international shipper. Our customs services help your entry and exit into the European Union by clearing your goods through the centrally located ports of Antwerp, Rotterdam and Zeebrugge and Brussels airport (Brucargo).

We are a neutral customs agency, offering a wide range of personalized and professional customs clearance and procedures. For each of these services, we have skilled people with thorough knowledge and experience. We will assist and guide you through all your customs matters.

  • AEO certified
  • Dedicated claims specialists
  • Own dockside assistance
  • Customs consultancy

We want to offer you the best customs solutions to all your logistic challenges. 

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Independent customs services

As part of Gosselin Logistics we can access the entire set of Gosselin services and provide you with complete logistics packages.

We can also act as a neutral customs broker and represent you and your clients fairly with local customs officials, a service we provide to many forwarders and expeditors.

If you are a freight forwarder looking to out-source your clearance department or change from your current supplier, we guarantee confidentiality and neutrality and provide competitive rates.

AEO Certification

We are certified as an Authorized Economic Operator for Customs and Security (AEO) since August 2011.

AEO status is a certified standard issued by customs administrations in the EU. It certifies that we have met with the standards in relation to security, management systems, compliance with customs rules and ongoing solvency.

Our vision is that customs shouldn't cause any delay in the logistic process. We always comply with all relevant legislation.

We also achieved the ISO 9001 certification.


Your interests

Import & export formalities

When importing goods into the European Union, we do all your necessary customs administration and will guide you through the process.

For export we are also at your service. We take care of your export declaration, assist you at conformity checks and send you the necessary confirmations of exit.

  • Paperless Douane en Accijnzen (PLDA)
  • Specialized in perishables and household goods

Fiscal representation

General fiscal representation allows non-EU companies to make use of and benefit from all facilities of the EU VAT system, without having to register for any other purpose in the EU.

Limited fiscal representation allows goods to be imported into the EU without paying import VAT. This offers a significant liquidity advantage.


Transit formalities

Are you transporting goods under customs control within the European Union? Then you need a transit declaration or NCTS. This declaration keeps track of your transit goods and makes sure they can always be identified correctly.

Count on our customs services to take care of all formalities during the transit procedure.

  • New Computerized Transit System (NCTS)
  • Online connection to every dock in Antwerp

Dockside assistance

When customs wants to control the goods of a container physically or when customs formalities have to be handled on location, we provide assistance. 

Contact us for more information.

Excise formalities

Governments impose excise taxes on goods like alcohol, tobacco and fuel. Excise rules are different in every EU member state.

We have all the knowledge to answer your questions concerning excise formalities and are qualified to issue electronic Administrative Documents (eAD) within EMCS. The Excise Movement and Control System (ECMS) is a computerized system for monitoring the movement of excise goods under duty suspension in the EU.