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Connecting Europe, Asia and Africa to the world

Over the past 25 years we have built our own network of offices, people and partners from Western Europe all the way to China. We have built up expertise, relationships and specific services to support our customers with import and exports of goods within this region.

China is investing heavily in rail infrastructure to export its products to Europe overland. This will signifiantly reduce the transportation time from around 6 weeks per boat to 14 days by train.

In recent years we have set up a network within Africa with a focus on the landlocked Sub-Saharan countries. We are the only Belgian provider who can support you with import from both Europe and Asia into Africa.

Outside our "home turf" of Europe, Asia and Africa we work with a global network of trusted and approved agents.

Our network of logistics experts covers the entire world


With our main site and inland container terminal in Antwerp we serve customers in the hinterland of Western Europe. Our services include import and export logistics, warehousing, customs clearance and road transport. We fully cover Western Europe, Eastern Europe and the Caucasus through our own offices.

Central Asia

We have our own offices in practically every country in the Caucasus and Central Asia. This region is known for the vast export of natural resources like mineral, oil, cotton and rice, and its import of industrial and consumer goods. Since it has no sea connections, we operate frequent and reliable rail and road services from Europe, the Black Sea and China.

Far East

The workshop of the world is producing more than 50% of all industrial-and consumer goods. Even more so in sectors like electronics, textile and applicances. We operate daily and weekly import shipments for retailers and traders in Western Europe, in which our own offices in China and South East Asia play an inevitable role.


The African continent is developing quickly and is showing tremendeous activity in many sectors. We support many clients with their operations in Africa. For that purpose we built a strong network throughout the continent. Gosselin Logistics offers datatracking of your transport to Sub-Saharan landlocked countries.

Gosselin Logistics connects Europe, Asia and Africa with the rest of the world