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Gosselin Logistics provides innovative supply chain solutions

Our clients

We serve manufacturers, retailers, traders, contractors, forwarders and shipping lines with the transport, handling, storage and clearance of a wide variety of industrial and consumer goods. We keep their business going.


Our customers operate in numerous industries, all having their own dynamics and requirements. 

Over the years we have built up extensive expertize to improve your supply chain's performance in your specific industry.

Cargo & Projects

We transport and handle a wide variety of industrial- and consumer goods; from specialized industrial equipment, vehicles and contruction materials to FMCG. On a project basis we move and handle industrial constructions, production lines, factories and event infrastructure.

Our reach

Via our main hub in Antwerp and our networks of offices and agents, we connect Europe, China and Africa with the rest of the world.

Wherever your shipment needs to go, we can take it there.