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An overview of our lashing and securing materials

Safely securing cargo involves a variety of materials. All our lashing materials have been thoroughly tested on breaking strength, either at the factory or in our own workshop.

We own a fully-equipped workshop, including a saw-mill, which we use to prepare wooden constructions such as supports, saddles and beams, on short notice.

Our company is recognized by the Belgian Ministry of Agriculture, department FAVV under number 55664, to supply treated wood meeting to the ISPM 15 measures.

Wood products

  • All wooden constructions
  • Soft or hard wood, with or without bark
  • Pallets, wooden gratings and wedges
  • Timber in different dimensions
  • Dunnage wood 25 and 50mm
  • Plywood sheets and hardboard
  • Buckling sticks in hardwood

Steel strapping

  • High tensile steel strapping for use with pneumatic tools, 32mm with seals, BS 4 tons
  • Steel strapping, 9 x 0,5mm, BS 900 kg

Rope or light steel wire and buckling sticks

  • Hercules rope, diam. 8mm, BS 980 kg
  • Polypropylene rope, diam. 8mm, BS 1 ton
  • Steel wire diam. 8mm, constr. 6 x 12 + 7FC, BS 2 tons

Polyester belts

  • Polyester lashing belt, 50mm with 5 black stripes, BS 5 tons
  • Buckles & hooks, for 50mm lashing belts, BS 5 tons
  • Lashing belts 50mm with ratchet spanner and 2 hooks, BS 5 tons
  • Lashing belts 75mm with ratchet spanner and 2 hooks, BS 10 tons

Lashing materials for ro-ro equipment

  • Car lashings, with over-centre buckle, BS 1,5 ton
  • Car loops, 120cm x 25mm, (on 2 parts) BS 2 tons
  • Truck loops, 300cm x 50mm, (on 2 parts) BS 10 tons
  • Reefer hooks

Lashing with chains and levers

  • Lashing chains, diam. 13mm, BS 20 tons
  • Tension levers, for chains 13mm, BS 20 tons
  • Hooks, for chains 13mm, BS 20 tons
  • Shackles, for chains 13mm, BS 20 tons

Steel wire products

  • Lashing wire diam. 16mm, constr. 6 x 12 + 7FC, BS 8 ton
  • Lashing wire diam. 16mm, constr. 6 x 19 + 1FC, BS 14 ton
  • Turnbuckles hamburger type, M27 x 400mm, BS 15 ton
  • Turnbuckles hamburger type, M30 x 400mm, BS 20 ton
  • Shackles, bow type with screw, 22 x 22mm, BS 15 ton
  • Shackles, bow type with screw, 25 x 25mm, BS 20 ton
  • Wireclips 16mm

Container fittings

  • Container and trailer lashing equipment, with welding strap, BS 36 tons
  • Lashing eyes or D-rings
  • Twistlocks
  • Bridge fittings
  • Stacking cones
  • Lashing bars
  • Turnbuckles
  • Trailer horses
  • Trailer chocks

Various materials

  • Nails
  • Tape
  • Paper on rolls
  • Polyethylene foil
  • Plastic tarpaulins
  • Nets for lashing, loading, separation
  • Bags
  • Corner protectors in plastic, wood or rubber
  • Polypaille
  • Dunnage bags