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Machinery relocation

Heavy is a specialist in assisting companies in dismantling, relocating, transporting and reassembling machinery.

Machinery relocation could mean anything from moving a few dozen metres internally or multimodal transport to another country or global region. You can count on the experience of specialists for each project.

Each machine, every access route and each customer is unique for us. We operate within the existing context and within the agreed price.

Heavy specializes in moving heavy equipment and machinery
We can move entire factories and production lines

Relocation of production lines and factories

Moving entire production lines and factories demands a team with detailed knowledge. With Heavy, you have come to the right place here too.

We are at home in all industrial sectors. Our equipment is suited for work in production environments with the most stringent safety standards.

From preliminary study to final delivery of the project, you will avail yourself of our extensive service: crane work, disassembly, storage, transporting exceptional loads, and of course our technical insight and customer service.

Machinery assembly and disassembly

Disassembling and reassembling machinery is our speciality. Removing and putting into operation tanks, air groups, HVAC systems and transformers demands a great deal of electrical, hydraulic, pneumatic and mechanical knowledge.

Lifting out pipes, motors and machinery components, up to placing in position and reconnecting: we will support you in each phase of the project.

We ensure that each installation and assembly runs extremely smoothly, with maximum input from our side and minimum production loss on yours.

Heavy has years of experience in the disassembly and reassembly of machinery
Heavy moves a ship through the streets of Antwerp

Turnkey projects

With turnkey projects, you hand over the practical organisation of your industrial relocation in its entirety, while Heavy will provide full assistance at each stage. You will have a single contact person who will relieve you of all your cares.

Heavy will provide full assistance at each step of your industrial relocation. From planning to delivery, you will have our complete service at your disposal.