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At the gateway of Europe

Our main site is strategically located in Deurne, just 10 km away from the main terminals of the port of Anwerp, one of the largest European ports. It acts as a gateway to Europe, Russia, the Caucaus and Central Asia.

Our warehouses and inland terminal for containers and breakbulk are situated along the Albert Canal. From here on we offer barge connections to all the major ports of Western Europe: Antwerp, Zeebrugge, Rotterdam, Vlissingen and others.

Our site is also conviently located at the intersection of the motorways E313/E34/E19 for quick connection in all directions.

We have a dedicated office for Zeebrugge (Rumbeke) for sea freight while our office for air freight is conveniently situated at Brucargo, Brussels Airport.

Our inland terminal is located just outside the port of Antwerp

Port of Antwerp

Shipping via the port of Antwerp is shipping via one of the world's biggest ports. The port of Antwerp is a crossroads of global supply chains connecting the most diverse destinations. The port of Antwerp has developed an international network of experts who can find a solution for all questions and challenges of supply chain directors, maritime and logistics service providers and port organisations.

Antwerp is an important transit port in Europe: more than 300 scheduled calls to 800 destinations provide rapid and reliable global connections. The port of Antwerp handles an annual amount of 186 million tonnes of international maritime freight, making it Europe's second biggest port.

Inland waterway shipping

The Flemish government has identified inland waterway shipping as a sustainable mode of transport and a strategic lever for its economy, especially in transport and logistics. Its masterplan Horizon 2020 stimulates inland waterway shipping by increasing the reliability and safety of the infrastructure and further expand the network. The plan includes the upgrade of the Albert Canal that started some years ago and that will be finished in 2017.

We offer daily barge connections from and to the ports of Antwerp and Rotterdam (by request) from our inland terminal. It offers our customers a huge reduction of cost and carbon footprint, while helping to reduce traffic congestion at the same time.


The port of Zeebrugge is a relatively young deepsea port, suitable for the largest ships. We have our own team at Rumbeke that handles the logistic flow of goods arriving in Zeebrugge destined for the markets of continental Europe as well as the British Isles.


Brucargo, Brussels airport, is located in the heart of Europe. Gosselin Logistics has its own Brucargo team of logistics experts to handle all your air freight. We strive to find the most cost efficient solutions and meet your needs with assurance and reliability!

Central Asia

We have our own offices in Eastern Europe and Russia all along the silk road right to the Chinese border. Our knowledge of these countries, local customs and transportation routes guarantee your transport arrives safely and in time.


We have our own offices in China, in all the major ports, and in Thailand. Our motivated Sino-Belgian team provides first-class, flexible and cost-effective services designed at adding value and efficiency to your business.