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About us

Gosselin Logistics is a leading provider of international forwarding, terminal, warehousing and logistic services for the transport and handling of personal, industrial and consumer goods

Our clients are mainly located in the "hinterland" of Antwerp and Rotterdam and have a significant and continuous supply chain, around the world

Our HQ inland terminal is situated in Antwerp, having own offices in Western & Eastern Europe, the Caucasus, Central Asia and China

Gosselin Logistics is a division of the Gosselin Group.

Mission & Values

Our mission is to provide integrated and high-quality mobility and logistic services that improve our customers business’ continuity, cost and ecological footprint. Our mission provides us guidance in making correct and sustainable decisions.

Our core values for Interaction and cooperation with our clients, partners and suppliers are trust and responsibility, team spirit, flexibility, quality and cost conscious. We believe these are essential to create and maintain long-lasting relationships with mutual benefits for all the stakeholders.

Code of ethics

The Gosselin Code of ethics, which is updated regularly in order to conform to the highest industry and governmental standards, is audited both externally on an annual basis and internally on an ongoing basis.

The audits involve all Gosselin units as well as operating subsidiaries and organisations. Audit results are submitted regularly to the Gosselin Board of Directors for review and for discussion with the Gosselin Ethics Compliance Officer. Consistent with the Code, all employees are trained to abide by high standards of ethics...

Client satisfaction

Our company exists to provide secure, smooth and timely transitions to our clients:

  • Manufacturers
  • Retailers & trading companies
  • Forwarding partners & Shipping lines
  • Contractors

Our goal is to achieve 100% client satisfaction. Customer surveys provide us the necessary feedback to enhance the client's experience and improve our services.


In 1930 Lambert Vivet started a local moving company in Deurne. Later joined by Dolf Gosselin, it was renamed Vivet-Gosselin. Shifting to international moving, the company was rebranded Gosselin Worldwide Moving in 1984.

From the late 80's Gosselin started to diversify into logistics through several acquisitions of distribution and forwarding companies. In 2000 Gosselin Airfreight division was established at Brussels Airport. The container terminal in Deurne was started up in 2001. After a strategic restructing of the Group in 2007, the forwarding, terminal, warehousing and trucking services were consolidated into one division: Gosselin Logistics.


People make it happen!

Our people are the most important and valuable assets of our company. We could have all the trucks, warehouses and cranes in the world, but without the organizational prowess of the people behind it all, we couldn't move a thing.

Our people are committed, approachable and solutions-oriented. They learn on the job but also through regular training courses to keep them at the top of the industry. They know that we began as a family-owned business and do their best to uphold those values. When a problem arises they don't panic; they just find a way around it.



Marc Smet

CEO Gosselin Group
Marc has a long and proven track-record in the international moving and logistics industry. He joined Vivet-Gosselin in 1976 and after several promotions he became CEO of Gosselin Worldwide Moving in 1984. Since then he has initiated a successful expansion and diversification strategy.

Walter Van Mechelen

Sr. Director Gosselin Logistics
Walter started in the freight industry back in 1977. He joined the Gosselin Group in 2008 after a long career in an Antwerp based logistics group, where he held several management positions. Walter is also Chairman of Alfaport (chamber of commerce Antwerpen - Waasland).

Geert De Wilde

Managing Director Forwarding Services
Geert began his career in the freight industry in 1992. He has held managerial positions in several logistical and maritime companies before joining the Gosselin Group in 2015. He is also member of the Board of the Antwerp Expeditors Association (VEA).

Rene Beckers

Director Terminal Services
Rene started his career in the maritime sector in the mid 80's as inspector in Antwerp and Rotterdam. Later he became Operations Manager at one of the major shipping lines. He joined Gosselin in 2000 where he supported the start up of the container terminal that opened in 2001.

Gosselin Logistics' headquarters are located near the port of Antwerp