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Breakbulk and container terminal operations

The Gosselin terminal is located just 10 miles from the Antwerp main terminals and delivers an environmentally friendly mode of transport by barge.

With trained personnel and professional equipment on-site, we can handle any kind of cargo: containers, breakbulk, project load, heavy machinery.

Stuffing And Stripping

Proper stuffing is essential to protect your goods during shipment. We handle all cargo with the utmost care.

We remove your goods from containers and ready them for short or long term storage in one of our nearby warehouses. We can repack, wrap and prepare your goods for further shipment.



Standard, flat, overheight or overwidth containers? We can manage them! We have a trained team of dedicated craftsmen and a range of special equipment on-site to make sure your cargo is handled safely and securely.



The secure handling of breakbulk cargo requires special tools, proper materials and long experience. Count on us to load and unload your breakbulk cargo for storage in our nearby warehouses or for further shipment via sea or road.


Project Loads

Our personnel has been thoroughly trained to handle and secure large and heavy objects. We have our own professional equipment designed to safely handle large and odd-sized cargo: an 80-ton mobile crane, four 45-ton stackers, and several multi-ton forklifts.


Roll-on Roll-off

Does your cargo need transport on a roro vessel? Our terminal is equipped for roro barges.