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A reliable and flexible supply chain is crucial for many companies, especially the ones that depend on a continuous and significant flow of goods, inbound as well as outbound.

In today's high speed and globalized business world supply chains become longer and increasingly complex while the need for flexibility, visibility and cost optimalization increases. It requires specific expertise and systems to keep your business up to speed. These resources are not always available and affordable.


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We provide integrated supply chain solutions especially for small to medium size companies with global and international links. While we improve your supply chain, you further improve your core business.


Gosselin Logistics helps you design your supply chain

Organizing and optimizing your supply chain

Our experts start by mapping and analyzing your material flows, in- and outbound, taking into account the specific dynamics and conditions of your business. We establish the main KPI's such as speed, accuracy, cost and carbon footprint.

Then we setup the supply chain, monitored and steered by our control tower providing transparency and visibility for short and long term decision making. This enables us to optimize the performance in terms of continuity, accuracy, inventory, cost and carbon footprint. It also allows us to implement the best possible option in case of emergencies or hazards.


Your interests

Control tower

The control tower combines people, systems and processes to provide a high level of visibility along the entire supply chain giving strategic, tactical and operational control.

Control towers are typically set-up to monitor, measure and manage transport and inventory movements across the supply chain.



A trained team of operators resides at the heart of the information hub, gathering and integrating data from a variety of sources.

Their overview allows early detection of risks and opportunities, enabling them to forecast, plan, manage events and make decisions.


Indiviual systems and supply chain technology such as ERP, planning, optimization, transportation and warehouse management are connected.

A wealth of operational data along the extended supply chain becomes available. This information can be used to make informed decisions.



Our customers can leverage a control tower for competitive advantage. Control towers monitor the process flows at each stage related to inbound, manufacturing and outbound logistics, allowing for standardizing operational practices and strategic decision making.  

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